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About Me

Hello, my name is Kimberly Evans, I have been a daily runner for over 15 years. I have encountered many cases of Plantar Fasciitis from myself and my fellow runners. My team and I have performed extensive researches on the latest Plantar Fasciitis treatments, and our goal is to provide the most beneficial treatment options to help you cure your Plantar Fasciitis fast at home.

I acquired Plantar Fasciitis six years ago during the summer. I’m normally a daily runner, I run every morning.With me being a mother of three children, I encouraged them to run with me as well. Once I acquired Plantar Fasciitis I could no longer run (even though I tried anyway for a few months). It was very hard for me to cure, and I received many false treatment option suggestions that did not work for me. I have thrown away hundreds of dollars purchasing treatment plans that did nothing for my Plantar Fasciitis.

However, there are treatment options that did offer me pain relief until I was able to cure it. The pain relief treatment options that worked for me I have suggested it to my fellow runners and received positive results. Over the years I have performed and extensive research on Plantar Fasciitis and other heel pains. All of the information that I have gathered I would like to share with you, my fellow runners.

I offer a free e-book when you subscribe to this site, I also have a link to where you can purchase the same e-book that helped me cure my Plantar Fasciitis.


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