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How to cure Plantar Fasciitis

How to cure Plantar Fasciitis Fast??  

Do your heels hurt worst in the morning? Does the bottom of your feet hurt when you arch your foot, such as when you are driving a car? Does the pain in your foot subside after continuous movement? If you are suffering from any of those symptoms it is possible that you have acquired Plantar Fasciitis. I would like to present to you a very informative e-book by Jeremy Roberts at a price of only$37 click here to visit the official site.  I also have provided a very informative e-book that I will send via e-mail for free when you subscribe.  I know exactly how hard Plantar Fasciitis is to live with, and how difficult it can be to cure. Raising four children, and working at an industrial job with plantar fasciitis was really hard on my feet. Now that I finally have my feet back, I would love to share all the information I retained and explain what the best-proven methods are.  I have cured my plantar Fasciitis for good, however, I still continue to perform research, and read the latest news about test studies. I aim to give my readers all the latest news on new cures, and preventions.

How to cure plantar fasciitis

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So most importantly, what is Plantar Fasciitis?

It’s is caused by a tear in the Fascia ( a band of tissue) which stretches from your heel to all of your toe’s. Whenever a fascia is torn or stretched too much it causes pain in the arches of your foot, and heels, you will feel pain with every step or arch movement. In the early stages, of Plantar Fasciitis, you will feel the pain mostly in the morning or whenever you feet has rested for a while. If left untreated it will become more painful and the pain will become constant throughout the day.

How I cured my Plantar Fasciitis

In my quest in curing my Plantar Fasciitis, I discovered many treatment options online with headings stating how to cure Plantar Fasciitis fast, but after purchasing the product it did no such thing. I still woke up in the morning with pain in my heels and, had trouble driving long distances. There was a website (I prefer not to mention names)that had an Ultrasound therapy system. It had three vibration settings and came with some expensive gel. I spent $180.00 and the pain was still there. Normally after facing a loss such as that, I would have given up. Needless to say, after purchasing products and not seeing the results that I was promised, I felt discouraged and reluctant to trust another site. However, In spite of that, I stumbled across this e-book that looked to me as if it was very informative. It was a book by Spencer Davidson, he claims that you will have the information to cure your Plantar Fasciitis Quickly in one week.

How to cure plantar fasciitis

Needless to say, it did no such thing. The book was short, it had no illustrations for the stretches, and the information and treatments he exploited could have been gotten easily from the internet. I also invested into this stretch program, but I wanted to be cured completely. I was even starting to question my diagnoses, wondering if my Morton’s toe could be causing the symptoms. I scheduled a few appointments to  local podiatrist in my area but the prices for the steroid injections were too costly for me. Also, I am not too fond of needles, and there was no guarantee from any of the podiatry practices that the injections would actually cure me completely. I purchased one of the best night splints and came to the understanding that if I was going to cure my fascia, it would have to be done at home.

How to cure Plantar fasciitis

 Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure

If you follow Dr. Roberts step-by-step guide you will see results, fast. The advertisement claims to cure it in 72 hours, I didn’t find this to be true. However, two weeks later, I was completely pain-free! I was able to return to my early morning runs, and most importantly, run with my children again, work also went a lot smoother. In this e-book, Dr. Roberts noted that the information included comes from 23 medical studies in which the patients were cured in 72 hours. The e-book’s purpose is to save expenses on expensive treatments and surgeries, and in return replace that with all natural remedies you can perform at home. The book also introduced me to five natural supplements that help to shorten recovery time and keeps healing you even after the pain is gone. Other valuable information in Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure include:

  • Three extra books on specific topics.
  • New foot messaging and, stretching techniques, that ease pain faster than those found online.
  • Three things in the house to help heal (very valuable).
  • Explains in strict detail the right shoes to purchase.
  • How to cure symptoms without spending money.
How to cure plantar fasciitis

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Three Extra Bonuses

health and fitness e-book


  • This E-book gives you information for your overall fitness, the entire volume is easy to read and has illustrations. There is a physical training module and, another for your nutrition intakes. It’s like having a personal trainer in the palm of your hand.








fast plantar fasciitis e-book bonus

  • This bonus explains how you can relieve stress effectively and quickly. Stress Soothers is a very valuable bonus for me because it has helped me balance my busy schedule, and keep calm when things are out of my control. Very valuable, if you are interested in this i encourage you to check out Runners Yoga









sleeping solace fast plantar fasciitis cure bonus

  • This informative e-book explains how much sleep is important and natural remedies at home you can use to help you sleep better at night. This e-book shows you things you can eat and organic pills you can purchase to help insomniacs. This book also has illustrations and shows you how you can change your environment to sleep better at night. it also shows you how your daily schedule should affect your sleep patterns.







The information in these books, I have yet to find online. I searched extensively, and couldn’t produce the same information anywhere. Jeremy Roberts is an exercise rehabilitation specialist who wrote all the books himself and considers his treatment much more effective than traditional ones found online. The plantar fasciitis e-book has a total of 46 pages which are divided into four parts which are:


  • This part of the book explains what is Plantar Fasciitis.
  • It also explains all the things you do in your daily life that can cause your fascia to be torn.
  • Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and why it is sometimes misdiagnosed


  • The most valuable part of the entire e-book, which is divided into three parts
  • Home remedies which include things that most people already have at home, also how to give a self-massage and much more.
  • Exercises that help to improve your stability and that help to strengthen your fascia to help prevent future tears.
  • A detailed and illustrated section on the most effective stretches for your plantar fasciitis.
  • All treatments a explained clearly so that anyone can understand, and only requires 10 min. out of each day.

Nutrition Tips

  • This chapter you will discover five nutrients that will help you heal your fascia
  • Jeremy Roberts also explains how these natural nutrients help to prevent plantar fasciitis from coming back and, improve your overall health.
  • In this chapter, you will also learn where you can find these natural nutrients in food sources.
Plantar fasciitis e-book video

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After being cured, I must say I’m a believer! If you’re having doubts that this might not work for you, they have a 60-day money back guarantee, in which you should be healed already anyway. Also, if new treatments are discovered, and Dr. Jeremy Roberts releases another e-book, you get it free

I personally felt as if this was the best decision I could’ve made, especially after spending hundreds of dollars on products that did not deliver as promised. However, their official website was not informative enough for me, but after purchasing How to cure Plantar Fasciitis, and actually being cured, I couldn’t be more satisfied, in my opinion, it’s one of the best cures for plantar fasciitis. Be sure to subscribe for a free e-book  and also, for new treatments about how to cure Plantar fasciitis Fast in 2016. Also, feel free to check out my Facebook page  or , add any treatments that worked for you in the comments section, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. My foot hurts Help!!!

  2. I tryed it and it actually works..? Thank u for making this easy for me.

  3. Thank you for the info, I am very interested. My feet hurt, great info too. Thank You

  4. Have you tried RICE? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation? That’s what cured my plantar fasciitis.

  5. Thank you so much Kimberly for the advise. I thought I would have this get surgery to fix my fascia after trying all these different products. I love this website and I will be looking forward to reading more from you. I would love to read more articles on different sport injuries maybe teenis elbow…just a suggestion. Thank you Kimberly.

  6. Thanks for the info, to the other readers that may be skeptical about buying another damn eBook, I must say, this one really does deliver as promised. Thanks, Kimberly I will be looking forward to reading future post from you!


  8. I don’t know what everyone is talking about because I bought his book and my issue is getting worse, but its only been 4 days. I think my plantar is to far gone and might need to go under the knife ?

    • I had once thought the same thing when I was in your shoes. It did not work in 72 hours for me as promised either. it actually took me almost two weeks. Give it time. I would love to hear your testimonial!

  9. Thanks so much for making this important information available!

  10. I’m a bit sceptical as I have already been doing most of the treatments/exercises in this book suggested by my physiotherapist. I will let you know how I go.

    • By taking the time to impliment everything the book, your chances of having a safe and speedy recovery are great. Please be sure to tell us how well it worked for you!

  11. I purchased the eBook..I honestly just wanted to have a look and then probably get my money back. But my PF is gone. Thanks for all the info Kimberly I will refer this site to some of my running partners

  12. I decided to check into this E book.So I first tried customer service ,and NO reply not even the abilty to talk to a machine. Shame on you for taking advantage of people in pain. I sincerely hope that you develope plantar fasciitis.

    • There is no customer service line available. I did not feel as if a customer service line was necessary for this E-book. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the product, I will respond as quickly as possible.


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